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MedView Online provides patients with an online, single source for managing lists of medications. Whether it is a routine visit, or an emergency, your doctor needs to know exactly what medications you are currently taking. It is critical that they know your existing list of prescriptions so they can ensure that any new medications will not cause adverse reactions with your existing ones.

Traditionally, patients would need to fill out a list from memory, quickly jot down a list before heading to their doctor, or stuff all their pill bottles into a bag on the way... Sound familiar? With MedView Online, patients can easily maintain a record of all their existing medications (both prescription and non-prescription), providing easy access and accurate lists for their physician. Rest assured, your information is stored safely and securely.

MedView Online also provides read-only, limited access to your prescriptions list by your doctor(s) if you choose to do so. This allows your physician to access your medication list.

"Keeping track of your prescriptions so you don’t have to"

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